Wild River Air Rifle & Pistol Club

Benchrest Schedule

Name of Club: Wild River Air Rifle Club

National Affiliation: United States Air Rifle Benchrest (USARB)

Club Director and contact person: Ron Silveira Title: Match Director

Contact Phone: (541) 479-4423 E-mail: info@wild-river-air-rifle-club.com

the wild river air rifle club in Grants Pass southern Oregon shoots bench rest

the second and forth Wednesday of each month 

shooting air rifle bench rest indoors November thru April

shooting air rifle bench rest outdoors May thru October

Range Address:

Josephine County Sportsman Association, 7407 Highland Avenue, Grants Pass, OR 97526

Activity: Air Rifle Benchrest, 3-target match

Indoor Tournament Schedule - November through April

Starting Time: 9:15 am

indoor range is behind front office

Outdoor Tournament Schedule - May through October

Starting Time: 9:15 am

Out door range is slug alley, up the hill on the left

Information regarding Club Competitions:

                A seasonal fee of $10 will be collected at the first outdoor match,
with fee going to support the Wild River Junior Shooters program.
A fee of $2 will be collected at each competition event
to fund club expenses, sanctioning fee, and possible awards celebration at years end.

Scores will be forwarded and tracked under USARB’s national Scoreline for both our indoor and outdoor seasons.
The national Scoreline schedule is broken into two six-month segments,
November 1 through April 30, and May 1 through October 31. 
Shooters should take note, that submittal of scores will be limited to 6 scores, per rifle class, per calendar month,
and that only after 9 targets in a class have been submitted, will an aggregate score be generated for ranking purposes. 
Complete content of Scoreline rules is available at USARB website

                Our equipment requirements, target scoring, and competition procedures are dictated by
United States Air Rifle Benchrest (USARB), our national sanctioning organization.
& the World Rimfire and Air rifle Benchrest Federation (WRABF)
The USARB website is: http://www.usairriflebenchrest.com/
Ron Silveira
Match Director